Management Team

The Intersel team is known for its professionalism and responsiveness. The team’s strength comes from its mix of nationalities, education and cultural backgrounds. We also team with Libertas Partners professionals and Nomad advisors in London.

For the past 28 years Salim has been managing assets for his Family and other Family offices with funds over USD 2 bn. He is active in all the different aspects of the Asset Management from structuring, acquiring, managing and selling, mainly in the hospitality and real estate sectors. Salim has an MBA from Manchester Business School, attended Harvard and London Business School and has given lectures in Finance for 5 years. He speaks English, French and Arabic fluently. Salim activities include asset management for a more than 200 assets operating in France, Spain as well as in Emerging Markets, in the last 3 years, He has been advising a Fintech Company on raising capital and business development. Read more