Intersel is a boutique management and advisory firm specializing in strategic advice and implementation to corporate clients and high net worth individuals; it acts as an asset manager and principal investor. We work with clients throughout the project life cycle, helping to achieve the strategic objectives by advising on management, acquisition, disposals, management buyouts, buyins, fund raising, takeovers, mergers and strategic reviews. Our asset management arm focuses on real estate and a principal investment arm that may act alone or jointly with our partners to deploy capital in mature and emerging markets. As well as our London presence, we operate established teams of professionals in Beirut and seek to become the preferred provider of management, advisory services and investment opportunities in mature and emerging markets. Due to the past and present experience of the founding partner, and through our network of experts, investors and financial institutions, we have achieved success for our clients. We strive to build trust and longterm relationships by taking a forwardlooking view on our relationships, and identify ways to help our clients achieve their most important business objectives.