We are experts in the field of real estate asset management and currently manage significant portfolios on behalf our clients while maximizing their returns through value-added programs and superior management expertise. Since 2001, Intersel has been working on improving the performance of hotels, office buildings, residential and multi use complexes; we manage or have managed assets for over a billion USD in the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Brussels and Lebanon. See below or Click to Download the brochure

The asset management arm is focused on overseeing property performance with the goal of enhancing value and maximizing return. Asset management takes place over the life cycle of a property (i.e. from acquisition to disposition). It is a process. In this process we assist and work on the defining the best plans for the assets and that includes operations, budgets, capital optimization, financing or refinancing, accounting and tax optimization and we help to appoint appointing other parties (leasing or selling agents.). We have successfully managed integrated and multidiscipline assets through innovative strategies and focused discipline.

If you want to maximize the value your asset from acquisition through management operations and eventual sale or re- finance. This requires a property/asset management provider that can integrate purchase, due diligence, management, leasing, and construction, and sale or recapitalization. You want a provider that can enhance the investment’s value by increasing revenue, minimizing expenses, and maximizing perceived asset value by increasing revenue.

We set a strategy for the properties, prepare improvement plans, identify development angles, refurbishment and leasing opportunities, manage banking / finance relationships and accounting. We execute the strategies with our property manager or through third parties. These are the key ingredients of the unique service we offer.